wHat am i gonna pOst herE?!

By pErfEcTly _impErfect
I have so many things and experiences to share, so many feelings and emotions to express as well as ideas and thoughts to voice out. But when i am already touching the keyboard while looking at my blog, nothing would really pops out in my mind on what to post. I guess my mind won't really work just the time when i am about to make my own blog. (Waah!something is wrong with me..hihi)

Well, for the sake of the people who will view my blog, i have to write in here so that they could read something (at least)if ever they are going to take a look at my blog.Just in case.

Let me start this with my family. As of press time(hahah!), i still sleep beside my mother (hihih..proud!). And I always depend on her especially when i am at home. You will be hearing from me saying "mama" all the time. Sad to say , my father already issued his early retirement just this month. It is sad because he no longer works for us but on the other hand i am still happy for him because i think he already did his part being the breadwinner of the family. But he still does his part as our father,ofcourse. Besides, my older brother(Paopao) and my sister(Mayo), who are now working in Cebu, can already help us(me and my other sister) in our schooling and other expenses. And sooner this coming March, my other sister(lauwella) will be graduating and she will be working also just like my other siblings. And me? I still have two more years to go for me to be out of school and get a job . I am even thinking on where I am going to work already after I graduate. It is either on a call center so i could easily start my experience in having a job and get salary or maybe in any airline companies where I can be a flight attendant, hopefully. I know two years is so long, and I still have to pass assignments and projects, take midterm and final exams but I make it a point that I am going to do all these stuffs just to finish and have a great job.

There were times when I and my other siblings were discussing about our future lives and jobs. That someday we will be having our own house, with different projects for our parents. I remember when my ate(mayo) said that if she will get a job with great salary, she will be sending money for our mother to pay all her utang. hehehe..amazing,right? And she also said that she will buy the "bulangan" for our father so he could get inside for free, enjoy watching cockfights and deal bets without spending too much money like what he did before..hahah!! so silly.
And when I was asked, I think I told them that, when I will be working in a big company, I am going to give them more money and other things and wants of my parents. I also told them that I am going to make their lives relaxed and will make them feel that there will be problems and headaches no more..haha! I still have to work so hard so that I can do all these thoughts i have said.

I guess, I have already shared a little information about my family now. My family may not be perfect as what everybody would wish to have, but I am proud and happy to say that my family is as great and complete as what all of us wants it to be. I am really blessed having them in my life making me as a better person and inspiring me in everything I do. NO regrets at all..ü

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