thE nEw meMbEr..ü

By pErfEcTly _impErfect
My brother already planned to go to Zamboanga a week before his birthday. He had also filed earlier a sick leave from his work. It was really far from Cebu even in Dumaguete but manong did not mind it knowing that his girlfriend is about to give birth to his first daughter. It was decided that Tintin (manong's girlfriend) will have her labor in her hometown since her mother is living there. Just like any other daughter, she needs her mother to look after her during her labor.

It was on last July 24,2009 when i was just finished doing my draft for my project, Tintin texted me that she was about to give birth. I was happy when I read it but i was not expecting that hours after she sent it , she had given birth already.

As what manong had planned, she named it as Amare' Ysabelle Dizon Pis-an.ü

I would admit that i soo am excited to see her and play with her. I am now imagining how she looks like and intrigued on what had manong described her. Manong is soo proud to say that she is like anne curtis, whom i know is his celebrity crush.

I guess, Manong was really happy as he celebrated his birthday after the birth of his first daughter. And probably, he is still celebrating it until now knowing that God gave him a gift, cute little angel who adds to his one of his inspirations in life.

As of now, manong plans to have her baptism here in Dumaguete. And guess what his reason is?---for Amare' to have many ninangs and ninongs to give her gifts especially during Christmas.=)

(still have something to add in here..)-->to be continued.:)

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  1. DJ Rem July 28, 2009 at 9:18 AM
    Tita ka na Lang.,.nah muapas na nimo...hehehe
  2. Paul Denver Sy July 28, 2009 at 11:21 AM
    congrats lang... tita naka... i'm happy for your family lang... ayaw awaya ha? whaha....:)
  3. pErfEcTly _impErfect August 13, 2009 at 11:40 PM

    awAyon nkUh f maldita..=p

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